We are FedEx, with more than 280,000 people from different places and different backgrounds to rally around a common mission. FedEx is committed to providing outstanding customer experience, to being a great place to work, a thoughtful steward of the environment and a caring citizen in the communities where we live and work. While our early days are legendary, today’s FedEx has grown into a $39-billion network of companies, offering transportation and customer solutions. And we still back our services with the “absolutely, positively” spirit you expect from the trusted FedEx name.


Ty Deal • ty.deal@fedex.com • 1-800-496-9310 x3 • fascnet.com

ShipRite™ began selling its software in 1997. For the following 4 years, ShipRite’s™ Global Connect proudly held the title of the ONLY Windows software with shipping and POS for mail & parcel centers. ShipRite’s™ customers included independents as well as other franchises such as the Mail Boxes, Etc and Airborne (now DHL.)

For over 30 years, Pacific has been the leader in document imaging and office technology. Featuring the most respected names in state-of-the-art technology, Pacific is recognized nationally for our award-winning sales, service and customer support.


Kevin Keating • kkeating@pacificoffice.com • 855-530-5790 • pacificoffice.com

We, the new AMBC, are proud to serve as the retail shipping industry as advocate, educator, and mentors. Our members–mostly independent, though we have plenty of members who are part of franchises too–are incredibly diverse, operating businesses not only in the traditional retail shipping industry, but also many doing impressive things in printing, office services, and other unique areas like coffee shops, stationery centers, truck rental, college town student hubs, and tourist hot spots. Found in every corner of the country, our members are always willing to lend a helping hand, success secret, advice, or cautionary tale when necessary.

So, who is AMBC? You are AMBC and we are AMBC: a caring, powerful group of #MembersHelpingMembers who realize the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. We keep growing and changing to make sure that our long list of member benefits brings as much value as possible for our members–our family.


We’re here for each other, and we’re here for you.

GO Logistic is a freight manager for LTL & FTL freight shipping.  We offer competitive LTL rates with over 50 carriers.  We have 20 years in the shipping and packaging industry and have used our volume to negotiate very competitive rates with most national and regional carriers.  Our online portal also makes it easy for user to access rates, book shipments, track and pay for shipments, 24/7.


Chad Helbert • chad@gologistic.com • 1-419-666-6721 x207 • gologistic.com

JMP provides rubber stamp equipment and services. Use our Brother Stampcreator Pro System to make pre-inked stamps for your customers in just three minutes while turning $9 in materials into a $25 sale. Fast, clean, simple and fun! Great service and support have made us Brother’s #1 Stampcreator distributor in the USA. We also provide custom stamp and engraving services including quick turn-around and a full 50% discount on most items.


Gerald Mayo • grmayo@rubber-stamp.com • 618-899-9224 • rubberstampmaterials.com

Safe Ship® Franchise company is the headquarters for the franchise company Safe Ship. The Safe Ship® Franchise consists of 50 stores nationwide. One of the key strengths of our franchise system within the Safe Ship® Franchise is our Safe Ship® POS system. This system is designed specifically for the pack and ship industry. It is based on the newest technology available in the IT world. Type of system allows integration of all APIs with many of the different suppliers in the packnship industry.  Such companies as Ship & Insure and regional carriers like Lone Star, Norco and others are integrated within the system. We are also integrated with IPS (International Package Service-formerly Polonez) and Estafeta (serving all of Mexico) regarding international shipments. the POS system goal is to bring everybody available to the fingertips of each of our packing and shipping stores. We are also a very, very proud partner with Shipandinsure.com.

We will be offering special pricing and discounts only available at the 2020 Visionary Summit!


Richard Marsh • richard.marsh@safeship.com • 386-338-1167 • safeship.com

Shipsurance has been offering shipping insurance coverage for Mail & Parcel Centers for over 17 years. Make sure that the parcels that pass through your store are 100% covered for loss or damage while adding to your bottom line. Our coverage is worldwide, provided by a U.S. based, ‘A’ - rated underwriter, and is already integrated with the POS shipping system that you are currently using. Shipping claims are settled rapidly and are not dependent on the carrier approval. Cover your retail shipping charges, as well!


Trust Shipsurance as your outsourced claims management department. Full details can be found at our MPC specific website, https://www.mpcshippinginsurance.com.


Wyatt Whaley • wwhaley@shipsurance.com • 866-852-9956 x221 • shipsurance.com

Anytime Mailbox is a white-label, digital mailbox software platform for postal & shipping operators. You have full control of your service plans including the fees you charge your customers. The digital mailbox web portal, customer invoicing and mobile app are fully branded with your company logo. There are zero upfront expenses, simple flat-rate pricing model, and free training. We can invoice your customers on your behalf at no charge and we market your location via our global marketing campaigns. We are your partner, not your vendor. Ask us for a free demo account today!

Since 1999, Shred Nations has helped hundreds of independently owned shredding and RIM companies instantly connect with quality customers to grow their business using the nation’s only online marketplace for all shredding and RIM services. We use our powerful online platform and professional customer service teams to screen, match, and instantly connect quality customers with companies like yours. Put the power of Shred Nations to work for your business and start connecting with more customers today.  


Kacie Armbrust • karmbrust@shrednations.com • 720-729-8775 • shrednations.com

After Image Video Productions, Inc, is an out-lab service specializing multimedia transfers to DVD. We have been transferring film, photos and slides to video for over 30 years and serve more than 700 dealers nationwide.

There is absolutely no cost to offer our services. We have a strong hands-on participation with our dealers to help promote film and photo transfers. We are always available to answer dealers' questions and customers may call us directly with their questions as well.


Ray Meibers • afterimagevideo@aol.com • 1-513-574-7736 • afterimagevideo.com

Shipandinsure.com provides transit coverage at very competitive rates for items including high-value, generally considered between $500 - $75,000 – to a million and even more! Coverage for coins, bullion, rare books, antiques, fine arts & crafts, and jewelry is no problem. Freight coverage through a wide variety of carriers and coverage for transport with your company truck or car is included in our program. Domestic and international coverage, with no deductible, offers you peace of mind with claims paid promptly without hassles.

Summit participants can join our program for free! Other members pay $135 per year to use our coverage. Contact us for more info on how we can help grow your business.


Elaine Lockard • elaine@shipandinsure.com • 717-393-5317 • shipandinsure.com

Woodcrest Printing is a wholesale trade printer providing a range of products to printers and pack and ship locations across North America. Our customers receive high-quality print products, competitive pricing, and industry standard turnaround times. Woodcrest Printing currently produces a robust catalog of items ranging from business cards, postcards, and large format printing services, and provides a full range of state of the art Ultra Violet coatings and finishing services.


Shawn Fitzpatrick • info@woodcrestprinting.com

International Package Shipping is the largest consumer-to-consumer package transportation company from the United States to Europe with recent expansion into Asia. With over 60 years of experience handling both ocean and air shipments, we have earned a reputation as a consistent, trusted carrier that is relied upon to cost effectively handle shipments to 46 countries.

International Package Shipping works with hundreds of independent retail shipping centers throughout the United States. Our deferred time-in-transit international air and ocean shipping services are the perfect complement to the major carriers and provides choice, flexibility and a more affordable shipping option to retail shipping outlets and their customers.  If you have ever had a customer walk out of your store due to the high cost of international shipping--or ask if there is a slower, less expensive, but still reliable and trackable option — International Package Shipping will be a great option for you and an additional revenue stream for your shipping center. With easy sign-up and no up-front cost, International Package Shipping can quickly have you ready for the next customer that comes to your store looking for international service.


Steve Walker • info@internationalpackageshipping.com • 413-693-0065 • internationalpackageshipping.com